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Synologys new NAS, the small and powerful DiskStation DS419slim.

Aug 22.2019Networking

Synology NAS that provides file access and file sharing and secure file transfer and is ideal for keeping and organizing all your photos, videos and files well.

Synologys new NAS, the small and powerful DiskStation DS419slim. was reviewed by Iulian Dinita
Synology has launched the new DS419slim DiskStation NAS, this time a smaller and much more powerful one. The new model DiskStation DS419slim comes to market as a response for users who want a higher performance in a portable and compact format.

The dimensions do not exceed 150 mm on each side and weighs almost 700 grams. It has 4 storage spaces for 2.5 inch HDD, in total it works with 20TB. It also has two Gigabit ports used for Failover and Link Aggregation.

DiskStation DS419slim supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 configurations, also having Synology Hybrid RAID technology and works with a 1.33 GHz dual core processor, 512MB DDR3L RAM with working speeds of 223MB / s at read and 94MB / s when writing.

The integrated operating system is DiskStation Manager with very good functionality and performance in addition to the compact design it offers.

The manufacturers recommend DiskStation DS419slim for a power consumption of only 20W in use and in hibernation mode it consumes 7W and produces a sound of 20.3 dBA, so your comfort is friendly.

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