NewsSecurityStrange malware has infected at least 30,000 Macs

Strange malware has infected at least 30,000 Macs

Feb 22.2021Security written by Razvan Iancu
Silver Sparrow, a new virus that affects both Intel Macs and Apple Silicon Macs. Capable of self-destruction and present in at least 153 countries, this malware has not yet acted ...

A mysterious virus that spreads on macOS, called Silver Sparrow by researchers at Red Canary, this malware is compatible with Macs equipped with an Intel processor, as well as those equipped with an Apple M1 chip. Downloaded by at least 29,139 users, this virus hides its target for the time being.

Indeed, Silver Sparrow has no purpose so far. No ads have been added to your browser, there is no redemption request ... Its execution is transparent (the installation goes through a .pkg that mimics the appearance of real software and executes JavaScript code). Once an hour, Silver Sparrow probes its servers to execute new commands, and eventually someone could trigger it.

Strange malware has infected at least 30,000 Macs - screenshot 01

Another amazing fact, Silver Sparrow has a capacity for self-destruction ... which is rare for general malware.

Once installed on a Mac, the virus sends the URL to the server where you found it. Virus developers are looking to find out what is the best place to find new users, so this virus is still inactive.

Source: New malware found on 30,000 Macs has security pros stumped
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