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Motorola One Zoom, a mid range with 4 cameras

Sep 10.2019Phones

The Motorola One Zoom is the first smart phone of the brand to bring 4 cameras to the rear, it will come with 48 megapixel main sensor, 5x hybrid zoom and on-screen digital reader.

Motorola One Zoom, a mid range with 4 cameras was reviewed by Razvan Iancu
Motorola One Zoom is an interesting, not very expensive phone with a fairly advanced quad camera system. It offers useful and modern functions, new technologies and a successful design.

What it offers: a phone with Snapdragon 675, 4GB RAM, glass and metal housing, 4000mAh battery, fast charging, 128GB of storage, fingerprint sensor, audio jack, 6.4-inch OLED screen with 2K resolution and interesting cameras , and behind the phone we find 4 cameras: 48MP with optical stabilization, 8MP with 3x optical zoom and optical stabilization, 16MP ultra wide and 5MP for depth and effects for portrait photos.

At night you can take pictures using the 48MP camera and an already known technology. Quad Pixel mode combines pixels in groups of 4, so that large pixels with high light sensitivity are formed, obtaining 12MP photos with still functional optical stabilization.
Title:Motorola One Zoom, a mid range with 4 cameras