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Apple tested two prototypes of foldable screen iPhones

Jan 12.2021Apple written by Ionut Tutica
Even if these foldable smartphones will not enter the market earlier than a year or two, Apple is already working on the development of the iPhone with one or two foldable screens.

According to the Economic Daily News website, Apple is testing two prototypes of the iPhone folding screen at one of the Foxconn factories in Shenzhen. Both devices have passed durability tests to see if the screen survives 100,000 openings and closures, and thus ensure the quality of the display that is used daily.

These two devices will be distinguished by two different types of hinges. The first would be a model with two screens, articulated around a hinge.

Apple tested two prototypes of foldable screen iPhones - screenshot 01

The second model would use a flap, so it would look more like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This prototype would use a flexible board developed by the Korean giant. This information gives us the information that in September 2020, Apple wanted to order a large amount of flexible screens from Samsung, and the objective of this acquisition was to test the resistance of these displays with the hinge system developed by Apple.

Samsung is a major supplier of flexible panels, and is also one of the pioneers in the field of folding screen phones and is followed by several large Chinese giants, which have been trying for some time to produce folding screen smartphones. Apple has so far kept its distance from this new trend.

Apple tested two prototypes of foldable screen iPhones - screenshot 02

According to Economic Daily News, however, Apple will not be able to reach this market with their foldable phones as early as 2022 or 2023.

Source: Apple Patent Reveals Radical New iPhone Design
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