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Jun 03.2020Version: 0.6.0

A simplistic, efficient and customizable launcher, designed especially for developers.

Zazu for Mac was reviewed by Iulia Dupu
Zazu for Mac is a free launcher designed to improve productivity and efficiency and allows you to access various applications and shortcuts directly from the desktop with a single click.

After you have installed it on your computer, Zazu for Mac appears in the taskbar and includes a number of basic plugins that you can keep or replace with others.

Upon installation, Zazu for Mac starts installing a number of plugins. Once the plugins are installed, you can open the software with the 'alt + space' launch shortcut.
Some commands you can start with:
- 13 feet to inches
- screen saver
- find resume.docx

With Zazu for Mac software, you can convert currencies, access clipboard history, browse the file manager, and even lock your computer.

In conclusion, Zazu for Mac is a fully extensible launcher and by its modular nature, users can customize according to their needs, so you can remove or add functions as you wish.

Documentation / Demo
* Package Manager : Manage your plugins from within Zazu.
* Calculator : Accepts some common equations for you to copy to your clipboard.
* Clipboard History : Remembers things so you don't have to! Fuzzy search and browser all the things you've copied.
* File Finder : Find Applications or files deep in your file system.
* System Commands : Switch on your screen saver, lock your computer, and more!
* Build your own! : Zazu is completely open, so build your plugins. You can get started building your plugin then head over and submit it to the plugins gallery!
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