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VNC Viewer for Mac

Jun 08.2020Version: 6.20.529
VNC Viewer for Mac is a computer access and remote control software on any of the Windows, Mac, UNIX and Linux systems.
VNC Viewer for Mac was reviewed by Razvan Iancu

With the VNC Viewer for Mac application you can connect to the desktop of your computer from anywhere in the world and take control to launch programs, access files or change settings, just like you are in front of it.

The control system consists of two tools: the VNC Viewer for Mac is to be installed on the client side, the computer that takes control and the VNC Server to be used on the remote computer.

When opening the application, you must enter the address of the machine remotely and then log in with the correct password. The user can then control the mouse and keyboard of the remote computer, display the various screens available and perform all the desired operations, but be careful, the speed of the control will be conditioned by the speed of internet connections.

In conclusion, with VNC Viewer for Mac you control remote computers as if you were in front of them. The software connects to other computers and transfers all the keyboard and mouse to the remote computer in real time.
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- VNC Viewer for Mac has been in our software catalog since Jun 23.2016 and has reached 15 downloads.
- The current version is 6.20.529 and has been updated to Jun 08.2020.
VNC Viewer for Mac features

+ Full remote control for your computer.
+ Set up multiple direct connections and set up desktop reviews.
+ Zoom in on certain areas.
+ Enjoy easy navigation with desktop actions on your computer tailored to your phone's screen gestures.
+ Use the phone keypad to enter text.
+ Computer-adapted tactile controls

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