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Oct 17.2020Version:
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A file transfer utility that replaces and enhances the features of file copy functions.
Ultracopier for Mac was reviewed by Iulian Dinita

Ultracopier for Mac is a simple and practical utility that offers you more possibilities than the classic file copy window that operating systems display when you try to move or copy documents from one folder to another.

The interface is clear, and the integration into the system is perfect and displays an elaborate copy window, which provides greater control over the current copy session.

Ultracopier for Mac has many advanced features, such as copying speed limitation, pausing or resuming file transfer, managing the copy list, or searching for files in this list. Once the file transfer or copy action is complete, the utility will allow you to view a list where you will be able to see all the errors that occurred during the file transfer.

Ultracopier for Mac is also highly customizable, you can configure, graphical parameters of the interface, such as the color of the progress bar, the color of the border and even the font and color of the source text.

In conclusion, Ultracopier for Mac wants to replace the operating system file copying module to speed up and manage file transfer.

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* Run everywhere : Works with all devices: hard drives, usb keys, cdroms, ... Cross-platform compatibility: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

* Customisable : On-demand customisation through a large choice of skins and plugins. Available in many languages.

* High performance and control : Ultracopier is faster than most default system tools. It provides many advanced features such as: start/resume the copy process, speed limitation, search through the copy list ..

* Error and collision management
Ultracopier predicts internal and external errors. It results in detailed information dialogs which allow you to pick up the best solution (eg. always overwrite, overwrite if newer, ...).

* Community : Brings multiple kind of communities together (users, developers, designers, ...).
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+ Ultracopier for Mac has been in our software catalog since Feb 13.2020.
+ The current version is and has been updated to Oct 17.2020.
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