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Jul 30.2020Version: 10.0.4
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With Tor Browser for Mac Internet browsing is safe and free of censorship or restrictions.
Tor Browser for Mac was reviewed by Razvan Iancu

The developers of Tor Browser for Mac announce that they have the solution to be able to solve privacy problems when browsing the Internet. Tor Browser for Mac is a tool that will encrypt web browsing and is all you need to safely surf the internet.

The program is prepared to combat the attack of those trying to find out the identity of its users and uses a technology that uses a large structure of servers that specialize in IP hiding and all user information.

The program is very easy to use and it automatically connects to its own server and starts operating without the user configuring the parameters.

Tor Browser for Mac has become extremely popular because of the growing psychosis regarding spy cases carried out by government organizations. In fact, not only can we download tor for Windows PCs, but there is also a version for Mac and Linux. Regarding mobile devices, both Android and iOS have browsers based on the same technology, although they are not developed within the same project, giving us anonymity and similar privacy guarantees.

In conclusion, Tor Browser for Mac is all you need to safely browse the Internet and was developed based on the open-source version of Mozilla Firefox, but with the modification of the source code to give privacy to users.

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- Tor Browser for Mac has been in our software catalog since Dec 11.2017 and has reached 160 downloads.
- The current version is 10.0.4 and has been updated to Jul 30.2020.

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Tor works just great!
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Good for privacy bad for beginners
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A must have if you are concerned about your privacy
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