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Jun 09.2020Version: 2.3
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Pastebot is a versatile clipboard manager for your Mac that stores what you've recently copied so you can quickly recover it later.

After launching the Pastebot application, the utility will start recording your clips and you can browse them through a main application window or through the clipboard.

Pastebot also provides support for content processing, you can only define custom filters, this way you can encode or decode URLs, convert punctuation, change text formatting, and so on.
More information about Pastebot for Mac
- Pastebot for Mac has been in our software catalog since Nov 14.2016 and has reached 3 downloads.
- The current version is 2.3 and has been updated to Jun 09.2020.
Pastebot for Mac features

* iCloud Sync : With iCloud enabled, your main clipboard, custom pasteboards and filters sync across all of your computers running Pastebot. Your clipboard and filters will be everywhere you work.

* Custom Pasteboards : Create custom pasteboard groups to organize important clippings you want to save and re-use. Assign keyboard shortcuts to clippings you use most often.

* Works with Universal Clipboard : macOS Sierras Universal Clipboard works alongside Pastebot. Copy a clipping in Pastebot and paste it on your iOS device via Universal Clipboard.

* Full Screen Support : Pastebot works in full-screen and split-screen mode. Running in split-screen mode allows you to use Pastebot as a scratch pad.

* Options : Choose from various quick paste window styles to suit your preferences, always paste in plain text, enable release-to-paste and more.

* Blacklist : There are apps you copy from that you never want stored in Pastebot. Just add that application to the blacklist and Pastebot will ignore it.

* Search : Find a clipping quickly with Pastebots powerful search capabilities. Search based on content or metadata. You can search by application, date, data type and more.

* Keyboard Shortcuts : Pastebot features many keyboard shortcuts to satisfy any copy & paste maestro. Paste the previous item on the clipboard or paste the current clipping while applying the last used filter.

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Works perfectly
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good and simple app
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works great on my iMac
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