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MediBang Paint for Mac

Mar 28.2021Version:
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Draw characters and create comics and animations.

MediBang Paint for Mac was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu
MediBang Paint for Mac is a free and specialized drawing software that contains all the essential features for creating comics. We must emphasize the richness of the editing tools and the many elements provided.

You can start the project from scratch or import it in different formats, for this you need to register as a user in the developer database.

It comes with a modern and common interface for graphics editors and which has all the tools needed to make comics. We can highlight some of the hundreds of functions it comes with, the fixing grid can be used to perfectly draw lines and curves, Pen Mapping for inks, watercolor brush for coloring and GPen, and each brush has different parameters and can be customized if desired, moreover, MediBang Paint for Mac allows you to paint on different layers, similar to Photoshop.

After completing the project, you can save it in MDP format (MediBang format), JPG, PNG, BMP and PSD. Keep in mind that you can also save your creations to an online storage space after creating a MediBang user account.

The software can be used very well for both individual projects, but can be adapted to collaborative projects with shared work, multi-platform compatibility and cloud backup.

In conclusion, easy to use and complete, Medibang Paint is a very good tool for editing manga and comics, it benefits from a lot of tools and options to run your project in excellent conditions.

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+ MediBang Paint has been in our software catalog since Oct 20.2016.
+ The current version is updated to Mar 28.2021.
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Very strong and good program
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Excellent Comic and Drawing Tool
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Excellent Manga Comic Creation Tool
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