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Jun 26.2020Version: 2.6.7
Media manager for movies, TV shows, concerts and favorite music.
MediaElch for Mac was reviewed by Anca Hutu

If you want to manage your collection of movies, TV shows and concerts, then you can try MediaElch for Mac.

This free software is a media manager and was created specifically to help you catalog and manage movies, TV shows and concerts.

The Windows version does not require installation, as it is portable in a zip file, which you can unzip and then run the MediaElch for Mac executable.

MediaElch for Mac offers many features grouped by category and supports most popular video files. MediaElch for Mac also has a 'Scrape' feature that allows you to collect information and images from profile sites, such as IMDb or TMDb to complete media files.

At the same time, MediaElch for Mac allows you to synchronize your information with XBMC Media Center, KODI, you just need to enter the settings and enter the server data. You can also export the video library as a database to HTML, CSS, and JAVA.

In conclusion, with MediaElch for Mac you can catalog and manage beautifully a collection of movies, TV shows and your favorite music.

MediaElch is available for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux
More information about MediaElch for Mac
- MediaElch for Mac has been in our software catalog since Mar 22.2016 and has reached 3 downloads.
- The current version is 2.6.7 and has been updated to Jun 26.2020.
MediaElch for Mac features

* Your whole collection : Manage all your movies, tv shows, concerts and music. Import new files and automatically rename them.

* Scrapers : MediaElch comes with many scrapers including The Movie DB, The TV DB, IMDB,, The Audio DB and many others.

* Kodi : MediaElch creates nfo files for use with Kodi. Because of extensive configuration options other media centers are supported as well.

* Development : MediaElch is open source and is developed continuously.

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