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Headset for Mac

Mar 05.2021Version: 3.3.3
Headset is a simple music player with integrated YouTube search, a home screen with popularity list by genres and eras, and best of all, a radio powered by Reddit.

Headset takes the songs that are shared in over 80 music subreddits, categorizes them and plays them automatically. Its a great and pretty unique way to find new music as it is chosen by other humans like you and not by algorithms.

Discover Music like never before. Reddit takes the entirety of the internet, finds what most interesting and bubbles it to the top. There are hundreds of subreddits for music, focusing on every genre imaginable. The good music gets upvoted to the top and the trash is downvoted to oblivion. Each time you come back youll find new beats to keep you going.

Build a collection of your favorites, so theyre always close at hand. Follow playlists and channels directly from YouTube, keep a listen later list of songs, or even capture hours of free MIT courses and TED talks. The possibilities are endless.
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+ Headset has been in our software catalog since Jun 06.2018.
+ The current version is 3.3.3 updated to Mar 05.2021.
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HeadsetHeadset for Mac
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