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Jul 06.2020Version: 2.2.5

Perhaps the word processor youve been using has 100 times more features than you need. Or it wont work the way you want it totoo many views or too few, and nothing makes any sense. Or it looks as if it were designed back when computers displayed text in green letters on a black screen. Growly Write is something else entirely: fresh, capable, and simple. But not too simple.

The range of documents you can create in Write is staggering: multiple columns, chapters with different layouts, pictures that flow with the text or pictures that text wraps around, drop caps, tables, lists, links within a document or to web pages, borders simple and complex, and a complete toolkit of text formats. But everything is easy to find.

The section on the right of the screen shot above is the format panel. It lets you change the appearance of everything in the document, without ever getting in your way. No obscure commands, complex and ugly modal windows, tiny indecipherable icons, or hunting through menus. If you want to format something, this is the place to go.

The tabs at the top let you choose what to modify: text, paragraphs, tables, lists, pictures, what have you. They reconfigure automatically to match whatever youve selected. Within each tab the properties are broken down into small, easy-to-understand groups. If you dont use styles, for example, just close the style group and youll never have to see it again. But when you do need a certain format, youll never have to wonder where it is.

If youre just typing and you dont want to think about formatting right now, simply close the panel.
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- Growly Write has been in our software catalog since Feb 07.2018 and has reached 44 downloads.
- The current version is 2.2.5 and has been updated to Jul 06.2020.

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