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In particular, this software allows the creation of an interactive family tree.

Gramps for Mac was reviewed by Iulia Dupu
Gramps for Mac is a genealogy software that gives you the opportunity to integrate a lot of information and resources about each member of the family tree.

Its intuitive and easy to use interface due to its division into nine structures (Individuals, Relationships, Family List, Family Tree, Event, Source, Places, Media, Repository) that will allow quick and easy handling. Gramps for Mac gives you the opportunity for each family member to enter a lot of information, from marital status to relationships with other family members, including entering various events and milestones (birth, marriage, divorce, death, etc.).

Gramps for Mac also allows you to attach documents or images that you can scan on paper, such as IDs, handwritten letters, etc. and, moreover, allows you to geo-locate family-related events on a world map.

Gramps for Mac accepts that you can import and save formats such as Gedcom, GeneWeb and XML and is notable for managing databases and attachments for each person, so you can scan all family documents.

In conclusion, Gramps for Mac offers many features that will allow you to create and track family history and then share it creatively and efficiently.

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very good project, thanks!
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Im more and more discovering Gramps and we find it both powerful, and easy enough to sue for us to manipulte it correctly. Well done guys.
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Thanks for so usefull software.
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Gramps est tout simplement parfait. Trs convivial, il satisfera le dbutant, et les passionns de gnalogie. Il peut mme servir pour des personnes qui ne sont pas dcdes. On peut tracer tous les vnements de sa vie, ce qui rendra service nos descendants, si nous en valons la peine !
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