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GDevelop for Mac

Mar 29.2021Version:

With this software you can design ambitious games that contain different game features and levels.

GDevelop for Mac was reviewed by Razvan Iancu
It is known that creating video games is not an easy job, because it requires special programming skills, but with GDevelop for Mac, those who have always dreamed of creating their own video games will be able to start now.

GDevelop for Mac is a 2D, open-source software for creating video games that you can try online.

Everything is implemented through a simple graphical interface and the behavior of objects is done through a simple list of actions and conditions.

Developing the game with GDevelop for Mac does not require knowledge of programming languages, because everything is implemented through a simple graphical interface that works through a system of events assigned to objects. For example, if you want a character to move, you must enter the condition that when you press a key, the characters move to the right.

By way of illustration, you can create objects, insert images and position them on stage, etc. In other words, GDevelop for Mac has all the features needed to help the user throughout the creation of the game.

In addition, GDevelop for Mac benefits from math and physics functions that allow realistic object behavior and to automatically avoid obstacles, and these behaviors can be automated and predefined.

In conclusion, you just need to unleash your creativity and make your own adventure games. With GDevelop for Mac you will be able to develop your own open source and multiplatform games without having to resort to programming.
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+ GDevelop has been in our software catalog since Feb 23.2021.
+ The current version is updated to Mar 29.2021.
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