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Jul 09.2020Version: 2.5.19
An application designed after the HP-42S, binary and decimal, with lots of simple and complex functions for mathematical work.
Free42 for Mac was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu

Although many computer applications are presented, in terms of processing power and speed, the Free42 for Mac application (HP-42S Calculator Simulator) is all you need to calculate complex mathematical expressions.

The application is based on a scientific computer, which also has features for binary and decimal computation, namely HP-42S RPN, which has proven to be a reliable and powerful tool in time, now the computer is simulated for Windows, Mac, Android.

The Free42 for Mac application is portable and delivered in a packaged zip format, and you can take it on any external media and use it wherever you need it.

The application offers the possibility to export the results and functions used in a txt file format, to be imported and used for later viewing or processing, but it also has the possibility to keep the window on top, that is, above other applications that you use for mathematical work. Besides the basic functions of mathematics, the application offers the possibility to process and process complex mathematical functions.

In conclusion, Free42 for Mac is an application with an interface reminiscent of pocket computers, but which deserves to be used for simple and complex mathematical processing, with the possibility of exporting the results as well as the functions used.

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- Free42 for Mac has been in our software catalog since Sep 13.2019 and has reached 9 downloads.
- The current version is 2.5.19 and has been updated to Jul 09.2020.

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