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Disk Xray for Mac

Jan 22.2021Version: 2.7.7

A software for analyzing and cleaning hard disks.

Disk Xray for Mac was reviewed by Iulian Dinita
Disk Xray is a set of three useful tools that includes, disk usage statistics, file search and duplication, and a cleaning tool for MacOS. It also gives you the ability to restore all your files in case you accidentally deleted something.

Using the application is easy, even for beginners, thanks to its easy-to-understand interface design, and is a way to keep your MacOS in good working order.

Disk Xray can analyze disk space usage, so after a folder has been scanned, the files and folders it contains are displayed along with colored bars, indicating the amount of space it uses.

Disk Xray's duplicate file finder comes with several options, and you can configure it to search for files of a certain size, to search in system subfolders and hidden folders, and more.

With the cleanup feature, the software immediately displays all files in the downloads folder, browser cache and cookies, application logs, junk downloads and emails. You can select entire items or groups and remove them with a single click.

In conclusion, Disk Xray Lite gives you a set of useful tools for analyzing and cleaning hard disks to keep the HDD clean.
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* Scan everything! : Disk Xray can scan every kind of drive connected to your computer including HDD and SSD drives, connected network drives, USB, Thunderbolt and Firewire devices (CD/DVD, pendrive, external HDD), memory cards and more.

* Faster Computer : If your computer is running slow or the startup time is suddenly longer, you should scan and remove old, unused files and caches. Disk Xray cleans up these files, giving you a choice as to which files should remain.

* Find duplicate files and applications : Find and remove duplicate photos, documents, music, videos, downloads, and more. Disk Xray makes deleting duplicate files quick and easy. It will also find your duplicate applications and frameworks (bundle).

* Disk space administration : Disk Xay will scan contents of a selected location for file and directory information and show it's graphical representation. It helps you understand what kind of files are located in folders and how to effectively organize your resources. Disk Xray has been designed to simplify the work with high-capacity data storage containing millions of files.

* Quicker and Safer Internet browsing : By locating and removing old cache files which are left by web browsers, Disk Xray reduces memory usage. Browsers will not keep these unneeded files in memory, nor will they process them.
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+ Disk Xray has been in our software catalog since Aug 10.2016.
+ The current version is 2.7.7 updated to Jan 22.2021.
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