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ClipboardMemo for Mac

Feb 25.2020Version: 1.6.1
ClipboardMemo for Mac is an application that captures, stores and manages clipboard content.
ClipboardMemo for Mac was reviewed by Razvan Iancu

Moving data from one place to another through classic copy and paste commands has done the right job, but if you want speed and efficiency, then you will definitely need a clipboard manager that lets you make the most of your computers clipboard.

Many of the programs that store cloud information do not have the capability to manage this information, which is why you can always opt for dedicated programs called clipboard managers, such as the ClipboardMemo for Mac.

ClipboardMemo for Mac runs on windows and after installation, the application appears to the right of the computer bar where you can choose your records. With a single click on the icon and select Show Full DB option. At the same time, you can delete and compile history, stop capture, and from preferences you can choose the language you want the translation to.

In the Final, ClipboardMemo for Mac is a useful application, easy to use even for beginners, stores the texts and cuts of images up to 80 records.

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More information
+ ClipboardMemo for Mac has been in our software catalog since Apr 10.2019.
+ The current version is 1.6.1 and has been updated to Feb 25.2020.
Code install
Keyboards shorcuts
* Alt+Cmd+0..9 (or Alt+Ctrl+0..9) to copy the nth last clip in the clipboard
* Alt+Cmd+H (or Alt+Ctrl+H) to display the DB details window
* Alt+Cmd+V (or Alt+Ctrl+V) to put the last entry of the stack in the clipboard. Then you can use Cmd+V (or Ctrl+V) to paste the content of the clipboard.

Currently limits applied :
+ max. 80 records (rotating list)
+ max. 16 last records are displayed
Other OS
ClipboardMemoClipboardMemo for MacClipboardMemo for Linux
ClipboardMemo for Mac screenshot 1ClipboardMemo for Mac screenshot 2
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ClipboardMemo for Mac
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