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Apr 17.2021Version: 1.24.66
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The Brave browser for Mac is a good alternative to already known browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.

Brave for Mac was reviewed by Iulian Dinita
The Brave browser for Mac is designed by Brendan Eich, the creator of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla.

Its main function of the browser is to maintain user privacy and block ads or replace them with non-intrusive ones. The system is called Brave Ledger and its operation is described very well on the official blog . Brave developers claim that this browser is 2-3 times faster, and in some cases, even 7 times faster than its main competitor (Chrome) and in addition, it is secure, ie it does not allow automatic display of spam advertisements.

However, the performance is based on removing advertisements from the browser or other scripts that make loading pages difficult.

The unwanted advertising and violation of the right to privacy by the big sites are the main targets against which Brave developers work.

I don't know how excited web publishers are that they find that brave does not come with something revolutionary, because there are already free plugins on the market that block advertisements from websites.

Brave browser is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

In conclusion, Brave browser for Mac wants to be a fast browser compared to its competitors and has already implemented a system for blocking ads, without users installing a special plugin.
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+ Brave has been in our software catalog since Apr 11.2016.
+ The current version is 1.24.66 updated to Apr 17.2021.
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