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Jun 17.2020Version: 3.5.4
Have you played or are you a Minecraft fan? We provide the Blockbench for Mac application, creating 3D models and textures that you can add to your own Minecraft game. Also, after completing the 3D model, you can also export it as a simple photo.

Blockbench for Mac provides a modern, intuitive UI interface, plugin support, and innovative features. 3D models can be created (add and resize cubes, change origin and orientation, add texture, there are rotating and centering elements) that you can use in games thanks to Blockbench for Macs extensive output support including PE and Optifine . Blockbench for Mac also offers a wide range of colors that you can use for coloring objects. On the main screen, watch, change the perspective and scale of the 3D model.

Finally, there is no creative limit, with Blockbench for Mac you can create fun 3D models that you can later use in Minecraft modes.

Blockbench for Mac is a binary application and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and online.

Here you find link with .json block models
* Display Settings - Dont waste your time changing numbers and reloading the resource pack. Blockbench has it all built in!
* Vertex Snapping - Vertex Snapping lets you connect two angled shapes. This makes it super easy to create smooth curves.
* Plugins - Customize Blockbench with the built-in plugin store. Or create your own plugin and add a new feature or new format.
* Entity Modeling - Create and edit custom entity models. For Bedrock Edition and Optifine!
* Export Formats - Blockbench can export to various formats, including Bedrock and Optifine models or .obj models for Sketchfab
* Texture Editing - Create, edit and paint texture right inside the program. This makes Blockbench an all-in-one solution for custom models.
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