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Nov 26.2020Version: 20.04

A powerful, elegant, intuitive and free Linux operating system.

Xubuntu was reviewed by Razvan Iancu
Xubuntu is a powerful, elegant, intuitive and free operating system. Benefiting from a licensed open source system based on Linux, Xubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu that uses another XFCE desktop environment much easier, faster and more attractive, Xubuntu is an intuitive operating system and is ideal for desktops, notebooks and laptops.

Xubuntu contains many themes and its graphical interface can be customized according to the users wishes. Various word processing tools are built into Xubuntu. The set can edit different types of digital documents, such as text files, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can create multiple accounts on the same computer, and users will have their own credentials and a personal place to store sensitive data.

Equipped with all the necessary applications, it is ready to use. . Xubuntu advantageously replaces your old system on all types of machines. Among the programs installed on Xubuntu you have Firefox as a web browser or AbiWord as an office suite. In any case, you have the software center to search or download the best programs available for all kinds of tasks.

Updates are simplified and are done automatically from the Internet, so there is no need to reinstall the system with each new version.

In conclusion, Xubuntu brings back to life your old PC that does not support current operating systems and gives you an unmatched execution speed on your old computer. Its main goal is to be as efficient and stable as Ubuntu, but easier and therefore faster. For this purpose, the Xfce environment was chosen, an environment that combines speed, ease and stability.
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+ Xubuntu has been in our software catalog since Nov 26.2020.
+ The current version is 20.04 updated to Nov 26.2020.
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