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XnConvert for Linux

Dec 15.2020Version: 1.90.0
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Software that allows you to work with batch images and apply different filters, effects and other editing actions.

XnConvert for Linux was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu
XnConvert for Linux is a powerful image editor and is one of the best free solutions on the market to quickly edit, convert and prepare images and photos in batches.

Also, XnConvert for Linux accepts batch processing of image files or folders and thus avoids repetitive manipulation.

XnConvert for Linux can work with almost any image and offers more than 70 image processing features and supports over 500 image formats, including JPG, Png, Tiff, BMP, GIF, PSD, Xcf, PSP, Pef, Tga, WebP and OpenEXR.

With a clear, well-organized interface, the software offers a fast start-up and is designed to satisfy all users.

The actions included in XnConvert for Linux will allow you to use cropping, resizing, converting from one format to another, rotating, adding text or watermark, adjusting levels, contrast and shadows, as well as various filters and effects such as blur, emboss, sepia and paint in oil, among others. At the same time, the software offers an overview of each of the changes and a 'before and after' to view the effect of each tool used.

In conclusion, XnConvert for Linux will allow you to edit, convert, resize, beautify and prepare your images and photos in batches.
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* Combine and choose more than 70 different operations:
- Editing metadata.
- Transform: Rotate, Cut, Resize, ...
- Settings: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, ...
- Filter: Blur, Emboss, Sharpen, ...
- Effects: Masking, Watermark, Vignetting, ...

* XnConvert is multi-platform, available for Windows, Mac, and 64-bit Linux. XnConvert is multilingual, includes more than 20 different translations. It offers powerful features in an easy-to-use interface, providing convenient drag & drop functionality.

* XnConvert is compatible with more than 500 formats and exports in approximately 70 different file formats.
More information
+ XnConvert has been in our software catalog since Sep 13.2018.
+ The current version is 1.90.0 updated to Dec 15.2020.
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This product used to be the best for quick conversions when I was converting multiple files to JPG to give clients the original images.
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