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Valentina Studio for Linux

Apr 16.2021Version: 11.2.4
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If you need to create or maintain a database, we provide the graphical interface you are looking for.

Valentina Studio for Linux was reviewed by Razvan Iancu
Valentina Studio for Linux is a free management tool that helps database developers work more efficiently. The software allows you to manage databases such as MySQL, SQLite, PostreSQL and Valentina DB.

When starting the program, a window opens in which you must register and you will receive by email a code to validate the free license.

Valentina Studio for Linux also gives you a wide range of tools to help you keep track of your local connections, servers and databases from an intuitive dashboard.

The various options include tools for monitoring and managing the status of servers and databases at a glance, thanks to a well-built homepage.

Valentina Studio for Linux has a schema editor, with which you can create and edit all supported objects for databases, from tables to data recording procedures. You can also create and edit charts using the chart editor.

The editor displays detailed information on each database and allows you to change the properties of objects, tables, fields, and indexes, change links, procedures, sequences, data types, and search the database.

In conclusion, Valentina Studio for Linux allows you to create, manage databases and generate reports whose results you can easily analyze.

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+ Valentina Studio has been in our software catalog since Jun 03.2020.
+ The current version is 11.2.4 updated to Apr 16.2021.
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