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Ubuntu Mate for Raspberry ARM

Dec 22.2020Version: 20.10

Ubuntu MATE is a very light Linux distribution, easy to install and configure and offers a configurable desktop graphical environment.

Ubuntu Mate for Raspberry ARM was reviewed by Ionut Tutica
This operating system requires only a very light hardware configuration to operate and is also perfectly configured to operate on Raspberry Pi nano-computers.

Ubuntu MATE provides the bare minimum for controlling and using a computer, and integrates multiple applications natively so that your computer can be used as soon as the installation is complete.

The distribution has been best adapted for the Raspberry Pi 4 and applications such as LibreOffice can be used comfortably.

You will need a microSD card of at least 8 GB or larger to copy the image. The file system can be resized to take up unallocated microSD card space, as for Raspbian.

There is no predefined user account.

The first time you start the Ubuntu MATE image, it works through a configuration wizard with which you can create your own user account and configure regional settings.

Ubuntu MATE integrates, for example, the Mozilla Firefox web browser, the Thunderbird mail client, the OpenOffice office suite, but also Rhythmbox, a music player, Shotwell to organize your photos or even VLC to play your videos.
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- Hardware: Raspberry PI 4 / Model B / 4GB > SDCARD-64 GB
- Twister OS for Raspberry PI

Download Twister OS
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+ Ubuntu Mate has been in our software catalog since Dec 22.2020.
+ The current version is 20.10 updated to Dec 22.2020.
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Ubuntu MATEUbuntu Mate for Raspberry ARM
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