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Strawberry Music Player for Linux

Mar 29.2021Version: 0.9.2
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Music player designed for music collectors and audio enthusiasts.

Strawberry Music Player for Linux was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu
Strawberry is an audio player and collection organizer specially created for you to enjoy large music collections.

Strawberry uses the more modern Qt5 frame for its graphical interface. It supports all audio formats and has many advanced features, such as editing metadata tags, extracting lyrics and songs, audio analyzer and equalizer, and more.

Strawberry is an application that uses databases to manage music collections. You must set up one or more music folders when you first start it. Strawberry will then analyze the collection and add it to a searchable database.

Strawberry can be used to quickly search for songs and group them in different ways, such as Artists / Albums, Genre / Artist / Album. There is also Advanced Grouping ... where you can enter any label manually.

In conclusion, Strawberry is like a standard music player that makes managing and playing the audio library very easy.
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* Play and organize music
* Supports WAV, FLAC, WavPack, DSF, DSDIFF, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, MPC, TrueAudio, AIFF, MP4, MP3, ASF and Monkeys Audio Audio CD playback
* Native desktop notifications
* Support for playlists in multiple formats
* Advanced audio output and device configuration for bit-perfect playback on Linux
* Edit tags on music files
* Fetch tags from MusicBrainz Picard
* Album cover art from, MusicBrainz and Discogs
* Song lyrics from AudD
* Support for multiple backends
* Audio analyzer
* Audio equalizer
* Transfer music to iPod, iPhone, MTP or mass-storage USB player
* Streaming support for Tidal
* Scrobbler with support for, and ListenBrainz
More information
+ Strawberry Music Player has been in our software catalog since May 15.2020.
+ The current version is 0.9.2 updated to Mar 29.2021.
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Excellent and easy! It plays well and its very easy to set-up. There is a small, tiny link as an ad, but its very quiet in appearance. I would also like to be able to put it on automatic play and modify the order of songs. Overall, for a free player, its incredible! love it.
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Excellent player
rating star

A great app. I like this software
rating star

Exactly what I needed. I am very impressed with the product.
rating star

Great and Easy to use Software
rating star

I like simple. I like everything about this simple and easy to use audio player.
rating star

good looking effective player
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