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Sonic Visualiser for Linux

Jan 25.2021Version: 4.3
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View, analyze, and edit the music content of an audio file.

Sonic Visualiser for Linux was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu
Sonic Visualiser for Linux is a free software that allows you to analyze an audio file and gives you the opportunity to perform a thorough and accurate analysis of the contents of all types of audio files.

At the same time, Sonic Visualiser for Linux offers easy-to-use software for analyzing and displaying spectra and audio waveforms, and allows you to import MIDI files and display their waveform.

The software interface is intuitive and easy to understand, you have a large part of the screen dedicated to the spectrum of the audio file and a menu bar with various tools available for sound analysis.

Once you have imported the audio file, you have several display options, you can display your sound as an audio wave or a spectrogram, and you will also have the means to add all kinds of annotations to define segments in your tracks, loops, or timepieces.

In conclusion, Sonic Visualiser for Linux can be very useful for sound engineers, people dedicated to music and for anyone who is interested in knowing what is hidden behind an audio file.

Documentation / Demo
#audio visualization#audio waveform#waveform#spectrogram#annotation#spectrum
* Load audio files in WAV, Ogg and MP3 formats, and view their waveforms.
* Look at audio visualisations such as spectrogram views, with interactive adjustment of display parameters.
* Annotate audio data by adding labelled time points and defining segments, point values and curves.
* Overlay annotations on top of one another with aligned scales, and overlay annotations on top of waveform or spectrogram views.
* View the same data at multiple time resolutions simultaneously (for close-up and overview).
* Run feature-extraction plugins to calculate annotations automatically, using algorithms such as beat trackers, pitch detectors and so on.
* Import annotation layers from various text file formats.
* Import note data from MIDI files, view it alongside other frequency scales, and play it with the original audio.
* Play back the audio plus synthesised annotations, taking care to synchronise playback with display.
* Select areas of interest, optionally snapping to nearby feature locations, and audition individual and comparative selections in seamless loops.
* Time-stretch playback, slowing right down or speeding up to a tiny fraction or huge multiple of the original speed while retaining a synchronised display.
* Export audio regions and annotation layers to external files.
More information
+ Sonic Visualiser has been in our software catalog since Sep 26.2017.
+ The current version is 4.3 updated to Jan 25.2021.
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Excellent for basic needs- splitting sound files
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Great free program for editing music.
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Great stereo recorder, editor. Records from all sources
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i like this software
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