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Shotcut for Linux

Apr 16.2021Version:
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A cross-platform video editor that supports a wide range of audio, video formats for editing or conversion.

Shotcut for Linux was reviewed by Razvan Iancu
Shotcut for Linux is a totally free software for creating and managing video with very practical features and allows you to work on your video sequences to get high quality results.

Shotcut for Linux allows you to edit videos very easily thanks to a clean interface, easy to access, even for beginners and offers, among other things, the ability to add filters to videos, correct colors, change saturation, brightness, contrasts, add audio effects to your video

Shotcut for Linux supports multiple formats, supports drag and drop, and also has a playback file manager. A history of your actions allows you to turn around easily, and Batch mode allows you to perform the same transformations simultaneously on multiple selected tracks.

From the point of view of sound, the software proposes to modify it with many audio filters, Balance, Gain, Pan, etc., so that you can have the best possible sound quality.

In terms of functionality, Shotcut for Linux is quite simplistic and is suitable for amateur users who want to edit their videos.

In conclusion, Shotcut for Linux is available for Windows and macOS, as well as for Linux, and is a free video editing software. It is extremely complete, has powerful editing tools for both image and sound.
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* Perform cropping, copying, and pasting operations on your videos.
* Add, insert, overwrite, or delete changes to your timeline
* Make a cut on the source player clip
* Make a timeline cut with the Ripple option
* The timeline is multitrack and can be in the form of a wave or a thumbnail
* Hide, disable, and lock track controls
* Your edits are editable at will in your playlist
* Create, play, edit, save, upload, encode, and distribute XML MLT projects
* Save and upload a clipped clip as if it were an MLT XML file
* Play an MLT XML file as if it were a clip
* Use the file manager to drag and drop files into the Shotcut
* Carry out the transport check and clean
* Use keyframes for your filter settings.
* Retrieve audio only from a video
* Make presets for most exports and filters
More information
+ Shotcut has been in our software catalog since Sep 02.2016.
+ The current version is updated to Apr 16.2021.
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It Works! Easier To Use Than I Thought Too!
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