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Sayonara Player

Dec 31.2020Version:
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Listen to your favorite songs in Linux with the powerful player and audio organizer, Sayonara Player, available for download in .deb format.

Sayonara Player was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu
Sayonara Player is a free audio player type application for Linux, written in C ++ and supported by Qt framework and uses GStreamer as an audio backend.

Sayonara Player has a lot of functions to organize music collections and you can manage and sort libraries by artists, albums, genres or file paths. Has a multiple library function implemented with which you can manage multiple directories as standalone libraries and you can copy and move pieces from one to another, you can keep multiple playlists at once, you can save them, rename tags, delete or export them in common playlist file formats.

At the same time, you can import music files from your local disc or even from the Internet, such as Soundcloud or SomaFM.

In addition to many cool features, the app also has a list of useful plugins that help you improve your comfort while listening to your favorite songs. Some examples of plug-ins are the equalizer, a speed / step control, a crossfader, track markers and a broadcast function.

Sayonara Player is currently only available for Linux and BSD, we preferred the .deb version we have available for download.

In conclusion, Sayonara Player during Ubuntu 16 tests there were no functionality problems and we can say that the low CPU usage and low memory consumption, makes the application to focus on performance, and we recommend Sayonara Player for added excellence. for audio players.
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Code install
I recommend using GDebi, a dedicated program for installing Debian executable files. It is extremely lightweight and focused on installing .deb files.

$ sudo apt-get install gdebi

Installing a package with GDebi. Open the utility and File-> Open -> .deb package

Note that the utility only resolves the dependencies based on packages that are available in standard Ubuntu, and if there is a .deb package that depends on something that is not in standard Ubuntu, GDebi will not be helpful in installing the .deb file.
Main features
+ Many supported music and playlist formats
+ Media library with fast search function
+ Show albums in a table or cover view
+ Multiple library support. Group different directories in libraries and move or copy tracks from one to another
+ Directory view
+ Genre organization
+ Playlist view organized by tabs
+ Dynamic playback

Nice to have
+ Equalizer
+ Crossfader
+ Speed and pitch control
+ MP3 Converter
+ Metadata editor (including tags from path)
+ Cover art
+ Lyrics
+ Shutdown function
+ Customizable spectrum analyzer and level meter
+ Bookmarking positions in tracks
+ Remote controllable

Web based features
+ Internet streams and Podcasts
+ Last.FM scrobbling
+ Soundcloud support
+ support
+ Stream recorder
+ Radio Broadcasting

Look and feel
+ Multimedia Keys
+ Desktop integration (DBus Mpris2 compatible)
+ 2 skins
More information
+ Sayonara Player has been in our software catalog since Aug 06.2019.
+ The current version is updated to Dec 31.2020.
Screenshots Sayonara Player
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One of the Best media players for Linux
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