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QTox for Linux

Jan 01.2020Version: 1.17.3

A client for the Toxcare protocol allows you to have a safe chat and ensure the efficient encryption of every conversation.

qTox for Linux was reviewed by Razvan Iancu
Tox is the solution offered by an OpenSource community to use completely private and secure messaging. Tox is developed by volunteers who want to contribute and there is no IT giant behind this protocol.

To ensure the protection and anonymity of your conversations, qTox for Linux uses the Tox protocol based on powerful encryption algorithms. Each user has a private key of a few tens of characters, which is required to add new contacts. The software uses its own protocol to ensure efficient encryption of each conversation.

You only need to install a client to use the Tox network. qTox for Linux is an instant messaging and file sharing tool that allows you to communicate securely with your contacts.

With qTox for Linux you will be able to chat, ie instant text messages, but you can send each other attachments, images and put emoticons. But that's not all, in fact qTox for Linux allows you to make voice calls, such as with a phone, but using the internet and video calls.

In conclusion, qTox for Linux is a good alternative for internet messaging giants and where their software is not very secure.
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* Instant messaging : Chat instantly across the globe with Toxs secure messages.
* Voice : Keep in touch with friends and family using Toxs completely free and encrypted voice calls.
* Video : Catch up face to face, over Toxs secure video calls.
* Screen sharing : Share your desktop with your friends with Toxs screen sharing.
* File sharing : Trade files, with no artificial limits or caps.
* Groups : Chat, call, and share video and files with the whole gang in Toxs group chats.
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+ qTox has been in our software catalog since Jan 01.2020.
+ The current version is 1.17.3 updated to Jan 01.2020.
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