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An advanced application with which you can create lists of work on your computer or in the cloud and you can organize, sort, export or print.

QOwnNotes for Linux was reviewed by Anca Hutu
When you work too hard with the computer and you have a structured project just in memory, the concentration decreases and you will not remember all the details of the project, then trust with QOwnNotes for Linux which is a specialized program to help you create lists of tasks or notes, so remember the essential details of the ongoing project.

QOwnNotes for Linux benefits from an easy-to-use interface and you can synchronize data in the cloud, but you need to install ownCloud and QOwnNotesAPI on your ownCloud server, which is quite difficult for a beginner user.

QOwnNotes for Linux is an advanced application where you can save notes on your computer or cloud and create work lists that you can sort, export, print, encrypt or synchronize according to your needs, and even improve your notes by entering links, images, current time, or HTML scripts.

Finally, QOwnNotes for Linux is the application that allows you to create lists and, depending on the users needs, can organize, encrypt, synchronize, and sort.

It is available for download on Windows, Mac and Linux (appImage).

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* The notes folder can be freely chosen (multiple note folders can be used)
* Sub-string searching of notes is possible and search results are highlighted in the notes
* Application can be operated with customizable keyboard shortcuts
* Scripting support and an online script repository where you can install scripts inside the application
* QOwnNotes Web Companion browser extension to a add notes from the selected text and other features
* External changes of note files are watched (notes or note list are reloaded)
* Older versions of your notes can be restored from your ownCloud / Nextcloud server
* Trashed notes can be restored from your ownCloud / Nextcloud server
* Differences between current note and externally changed note are showed in a dialog
* Markdown highlighting of notes and a markdown preview mode
* Notes are getting their name from the first line of the note text (just like in the ownCloud notes web-application) and the note text files are automatically renamed, if the the first line changes
* Compatible with the notes web-application of ownCloud and mobile ownCloud notes applications
* Compatible with ownClouds selective sync feature by supporting an unlimited amount of note folders with the ability to choose the respective folder on your server
* Manage your ownCloud todo lists (ownCloud tasks or Tasks Plus / Calendar Plus) or use an other CalDAV server to sync your tasks to
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