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QBittorrent for Linux

Mar 29.2021Version:

A Torrent client with powerful features and ease of use, a good alternative to Torrent and Vuze

qBittorrent for Linux was reviewed by Iulian Dinita
qBittorrent for Linux is free software with which you can share files with users around the world. This software is especially distinguished by its powerful search functions and easy-to-use interface.

qBittorrent for Linux groups all ongoing or completed downloads and allows you to see a lot of detailed information about file transfers: transfer speeds, download progress, available trackers and sources, and file content.

qBittorrent for Linux has a user-friendly interface that is relatively easy to use. It will attract both novice and experienced users.

For regulars, you will notice that its interface is similar to that of Torrent.

qBittorrent for Linux allows you to search and download multiple files at the same time, and also qBittorrent for Linux can filter IP addresses and check the location of links.

qBittorrent for Linux also offers you to search for Torrent files on many search engines already installed. It supports many extensions to encrypt connections, take advantage of private torrents, or directly download magnet links. In addition, the user has at his disposal an RSS feed reader and a log that records each action of the software.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a client to share music, movies and all kinds of software, try installing qBittorrent for Linux. Using this software is intuitive, so it is an ideal option for users who are starting to download through the BitTorrent network.
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- Hardware: Intel Pentium G4400 - 3.30GHz - RAM 8GB
- Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
* Integrated link search (with the ability to filter results based on file types).
* Allows selective download and prioritization of files.
* UPnP support.
* Remote control of the application via a web service.
* RSS support.
* Connection manager.
* RSS reader with integrated downloader.
* Includes bandwidth scheduler and torrent file creation tool
* Allows sequential download, ie in order.
More information
+ qBittorrent has been in our software catalog since Apr 14.2017.
+ The current version is updated to Mar 29.2021.
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