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Apr 17.2021Version: 21.4.15
Perhaps you know it: With time, there is an unbelievably number of fonts collected on your computer and you are just looking for exactly the right one for your next invitation card in the gigantic assortment! Again and again you try out the one or other type, however, the software you are using does not give a good overview over them. Either you have to select the font cumbersomely to have a look at them or the dialog is much too small and you do not have any possibility to compare some fonts next to each other.

To get an overview over all of these fonts, you can use the tool PrintMyFonts for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux by Stefan Trost Media. With this tool, it is possible to list all of your installed fonts as well as fonts from your hard drive or disk. You can display any sentence or single character written in the fonts of your choice, so that you are able to compare their looks.

You can have a look at the list of font styles directly on your computer or you can print it via your printer or export the list in various file formats such as image (JPG, PNG or BMP), HTML Website, via a PDF printer as PDF or as DOCX-, ODT- or RTF-document that can be opened in Microsoft Word, Libre Office or OpenOffice. The best output format suitable for you depends on your purpose. For example, an image output can be used to show a font list on your website.
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+ PrintMyFonts has been in our software catalog since Sep 04.2018.
+ The current version is 21.4.15 updated to Apr 17.2021.
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