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Photopea for Linux

Mar 31.2021Version: 1.2.1

A free photo editing alternative that has a similar interface to Photoshop.

Photopea for Linux was reviewed by Ionut Tutica

Discover Photopea for Linux

Photopea for Linux enjoyed success, and the reasons for this success are mainly due to an interface and tools extremely similar to those in Photoshop, as well as free access to software.

Photopea for Linux tries to attract users who do not want to invest in a subscription to the Adobe software suite.

A free alternative to Photoshop

Photopea for Linux offers advanced features to create and customize images, photos and illustrations. You can combine photos, illustrations and text, playing with colors to produce original images.

For photo editing, the tool offers functions very similar to those of Photoshop, which allow, for example, various types of selections, a clone buffer, corrector, cropping, resizing and several filters. PSD and XCF formats are also supported by the software.

Start working with free templates

The software has a base of free templates that can be used as templates for your creations, and when you create a new project, Photopea for Linux also offers you to choose the desired format to enter the custom dimensions and choose the DPI you want for playback. Photopea for Linux is compatible with PSD, PDF, RAW, AI and many other formats. In addition, it allows you to save files in PNG, JPG or SVG format or share it directly on social networks.

What are the characteristics of Photopea for Linux

The user interface is simple and will not be a problem for anyone who is used to managing this type of software. On the drawing side, you have at your disposal different types of tools to express your creativity, different types of brushes, several sets of writing brushes, pencils, a whole suite of
drawing tools.

Photopea for Linux is online now

Photopea for Linux is now also available online, completely free, through the web browser.
Open Now, Photopea for Linux Online

In conclusion, Photopea for Linux impresses with its functionality and responsiveness, and if it cannot fully replace the functions that Photoshop has, it is still a very powerful tool for all users!
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- Hardware: Intel Pentium G4400 - 3.30GHz - RAM 8GB
- Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
More information
+ Photopea has been in our software catalog since Mar 31.2021.
+ The current version is 1.2.1 updated to Mar 31.2021.
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