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Manjaro XFCE for Raspberry

Apr 12.2021Version: 21.0.1

Are you always looking for new Linux distributions to test? We present one of them that caught our attention, Manjaro.

Manjaro XFCE for Raspberry was reviewed by Anca Hutu
Manjaro is presented by its developers as a fast and easy to use Linux distribution,
based on Arch Linux, a system we havent seen on the Raspberry Pi lately due to the complexity of the installation (compared to other distributions anyway). So, Manjaro brings a fresh air to the Raspberry Pi and will thrill Arch Linux fans.

It is a fairly young distribution in the history of Linux, but old enough at the same time to be a stable operating system.

For version names, Manjaro uses names similar to what is done in Ubuntu, with a version number that includes the year and month of release, as well as a code name.

Manjaro is based on Arch Linux, so it inherits the principles of this distribution, Manjaro added a slightly simpler installation process than Arch Linux, adding or improving features.

Manjaros official goals have always been to provide accessibility and ease of use, with a fully operational system at the end of the installation.
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More information
+ Manjaro XFCE has been in our software catalog since Dec 23.2020.
+ The current version is 21.0.1 updated to Apr 12.2021.
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