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LMMS for Linux
( Linux MultiMedia Studio )

May 03.2018Version:
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A software compatible with many standards, such as LADSPA and VST plugins, and which is effective for composing and producing music.

LMMS for Linux was reviewed by Iulian Dinita
LMMS for Linux is an abbreviation for Linux Multi Media Studio, which is a free music creation software that performs the functions of digital audio station, sequencer, synthesizer and composer.

LMMS for Linux offers numerous editing and mixing tools for both new and experienced users of music compositions.

With a simple and intuitive interface, the application offers many sound modules, such as drums, brass, pianos, electro sounds, etc. and gives you the ability to create synthesized sounds, background noises, and arrangements. Track effects can be modulated automatically.

LMMS for Linux allows the creation of songs thanks to a virtual piano, while rhythmic pieces are treated by producing percussion lines.

The software integrates synthesizer modules, but also sound generator emulation modules, such as those of the NES and Nintendo GameBoy. As for the instruments, it has a simulator of vibrating strings, drums, percussion and organ.

In conclusion, LMMS for Linux is presented as a free alternative that provides you with a good audio engine and all the necessary options to create complete songs on the classic interface.

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#create music#song editor#mix#bassline#beat#tempo
- Hardware: Intel Pentium G4400 - 3.30GHz - RAM 8GB
- Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
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+ LMMS has been in our software catalog since May 03.2018.
+ The current version is updated to May 03.2018.
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Lmms works wonderful.
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I love LMMS. Ive been using it for a while now. Currently, there are still some bugs, but the community has really come alive and started to get things ironed out.

If youre willing to spend some time with it, then you can really make some great music. The community is great. You can get plugged in on Facebook or SoundCloud really fast and get helpful feedback from others.

Its awesome. You gotta try it! :-)
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LMMS is AMAZING. I love this software! Is so easy and have many features.... Thank you!!!
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