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Fopnu for Linux

Jan 16.2021Version: 1.53
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Fopnu for Linux is a free P2P file sharing program that provides quick file transfer to exchange documents, videos, or other files with your friends.

Fopnu for Linux was reviewed by Mihaela Olteanu
There are many ways to send files, transfer programs which are used for large files, but quite a lot of actions to do / file wrapped / upload file / email to the recipient, and there is a chance that the e-mail is not sent properly and the recipient can not receive in time useful documents are useful.

So we offer you a free P2P program to share any type of folder and files directly from your computer. Fopnu for Linux has an intuitive interface that contains six main tabs, namely Network, Library, Chat, Search, Transfer and Bandwidth. It is simple to configure and does not depend on .Net or Java.

Important in Fopnu for Linux is the UDP protocol connection, an encrypted connection that ensures that the files you share are secure and their transfer is fast.

With Fopnu for Linux, a reliable and easy-to-use file sharing program, regularly exchange the data you need and communicate with friends you know on a fully secure peer-to-peer network.
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* Simple and easy to use
* Fully decentralized network
* All shared files are indexed locally
* No relaying of other users searches
* Pure UDP protocol that utilizes forward error correction
* Full connection encryption and decentralized public key infrastructure
* Recirculating token system that helps distribute upload bandwidth fairly
* Efficient and fast transfers via re-combining and re-encoding blocks at all nodes
* Clean install and uninstall, or stand-alone operation, with no annoying .Net or Java dependencies
More information
+ Fopnu has been in our software catalog since Apr 20.2019.
+ The current version is 1.53 updated to Jan 16.2021.
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Excellent program
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