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FontForge for Linux

Nov 12.2020Version: 20201107

With this application which includes many advanced drawing options, you can create and edit various fonts that you can use later for written texts.

FontForge for Linux was reviewed by Mihaela Olteanu
FontForge for Linux is a free application and is intended for all users who want to customize and create fonts.

FontForge for Linux has the typical interface of drawing applications and comes with a wide range of very well defined options for creating and editing fonts. It also provides you with advanced drawing tools, such as point and curve management, distance measurement, magnification and more, and you can manage multiple layers.

FontForge for Linux supports Outline, Bitmap, PostScript, TrueType and OpenType font formats, and more and creating a new type of font means drawing each glyph until you form a complete alphabet and number system and in some cases symbols.

FontForge is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, for Linux our team opted to download the .AppImage version.

In conclusion, FontForge for Linux through the drawing interface is addressed to all users who want to create or modify fonts and who are familiar with vector drawing applications, and for the inexperienced users there is support and help manual.

Documentation / Demo
#generate font#edit font#font#truetype#opentype#script
More information
+ FontForge has been in our software catalog since Aug 07.2019.
+ The current version is 20201107 updated to Nov 12.2020.
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