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CPod for Linux

Feb 07.2021Version: 1.27.1

Find and listen to your favorite podcasts with this simple and effective software

CPod for Linux was reviewed by Anca Hutu
Podcasts have exploded in recent years and there is a lot of desktop podcast software, but if you want something visually beautiful, has slick animations and works on all platforms, then the ideal solution is CPod for Linux.

CPod for Linux, formerly known as Cumulonimbus, is a podcast player for lovers of audio books and podcasts.

It has a themed user interface with support for playing almost any type of audio media file. On the left side of the main window, you may notice a simple toolbar that gives you access to the most important features and sections of the application.

The app also has artwork per episode and a basic, functional player that lets you switch the volume and go through podcasts.

In conclusion, CPod for Linux is clearly the most enjoyable podcast player application from an aesthetic point of view and has the most basic features.
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* Free download and use.
* Available for Windows, GNU / Linux and Mac computers.
* Available as an instant app.
* An Open-Source with source code available for contribution on GitHub.
* Find and listen to podcast channels using the iTunes podcast directory.
* Subscribe to channels.
* Examine the shows details, channel biography, and episode descriptions.
* Create and edit playlists.
* Refresh your podcast artwork.
* Add podcast episodes to your playlist without subscribing to the channel.
* Align podcasts to listen using the tails.
* Filters podcast episodes by date and duration.
More information
+ CPod has been in our software catalog since Feb 07.2021.
+ The current version is 1.27.1 updated to Feb 07.2021.
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