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CopyQ for Linux

Apr 13.2021Version: 4.0.0

Free clipboard manager with which you can save and manage your clipboard history.

CopyQ for Linux is a free clipboard manager that is very practical in your daily work.

Unlike the standard feature offered by Windows, which saves only one selection, CopyQ for Linux can store custom text, images, HTML, and other formats in your clipboard history to help you later.

Simple and easy to install, CopyQ for Linux allows you to quickly locate the last items copied, sort items, or even customize various keyboard shortcuts, add notes or labels to various items to make them easier to find in the future.

For better control of Windows copy and paste function, we recommend CopyQ for Linux software, which is free and open source.

In conclusion, CopyQ for Linux is a clipboard manager that allows you to manage copy and paste actions.
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- Hardware: Intel Pentium G4400 - 3.30GHz - RAM 8GB
- Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
* Supports Windows, OS X and Linux.
* Store text, HTML, images and any other custom format.
* Customize tray menu.
* Save items in new tabs (and groups).
* Quickly browse through items (fast navigation, filtering with matched text highlighting).
* Sort items, create new, remove, copy/paste to different tab.
* Variety of system-wide shortcuts (e.g. show main window or tray, edit clipboard, copy next/previous item, paste as plain text).
* Immediately paste to focused window from tray or main window.
* Fully customizable appearance (colors, fonts, transparency).
* Add notes to items.
* Advanced command-line interface and scripting.
* Ignore clipboard copied from some windows or containing some text.
More information
+ CopyQ has been in our software catalog since Nov 25.2019.
+ The current version is 4.0.0 updated to Apr 13.2021.
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