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Avidemux for Linux

Jan 03.2021Version: 2.7.7201217
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A software for editing and processing video files and which supports the most popular video file formats.

Avidemux for Linux was reviewed by Anca Hutu
Avidemux for Linux is a video editing software specially designed to cut, add filters and encode your videos. The software supports popular video formats such as MP4, AVI, MPEG compatible DVD etc. and uses different codecs.

Avidemux for Linux includes the most popular codecs, including AVC via x264 for video and AAC for sound, and is ideal for converting videos that you can later download and run on mobile devices such as iPod or iPhone.

Video processing with all kinds of tools
Avidemux for Linux provides the user with a set of tools for easy video editing and has a main window for adding filters to video files and audio channels, and you can cut a video, merge several or delete some of it. Avidemux for Linux also offers a large number of configurable filters, you can reduce the size, change the soundtrack, or change the resolution of a video.

The software contains various filters and tools that provide high quality images when working with files.

In conclusion, we recommend that if you want to use a simple, practical and free video editor with many interesting features available on several platforms and with a fairly easy to use interface, then download Avidemux for Linux.

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+ Avidemux has been in our software catalog since Jan 04.2017.
+ The current version is 2.7.7201217 updated to Jan 03.2021.
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The only video software I used in converting videos and adding filters. Please keep on being the best in your thing. You dont have to focus on improving your editing functionality.
rating star

Use Avidemux first. It will do 90% of the job for 90% of your videos.
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Not ideal, but it is free and sometimes useful editing videos, appending one video to another and making from many videos one video with MP4 format.
rating star

I love this video editor since years.
It is simple and yet powerful. Exactly what I was looking for at the time.
Also cross platform, which is kind of useful ;)
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