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Neon Blight Game

Feb 03.2021
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Manage a neon gun shop, shoot your way through a deadly forest filled with mutants and mercenaries and collect guns to sell for your own profit.

Neon Blight was reviewed by Play Games
You find yourself in a near forgotten city, managing a gun store, nature has taken over cities and has spread a dangerous infection turning people into Blighters. Zombie like creatures infected with a brain controlling fungus.

Legends say the mightiest of gunslingers have hid the ultimate weapon within the dangerous terrains beyond the city borders where these creatures live. Your quest is to find the ultimate weapon and become the richest person alive or become the most powerful person alive.

Neon Blight is a 2D cyberpunk rogue-lite/gun store management game. Collect and sell guns, customize and manage your own gun store, fight your way through dangerous levels and get closer to the ultimate weapon. Inspired by the likes of Enter the gungeon and Moonlighter but with a cyberpunk twist.

This game is set in an alternate version of cyberpunk, integrating mechanics that are not traditionally present in cyberpunk themed creations, things like nature focused themes.

Neon Blight is strongly built on intuitive gameplay and accessibility. What does that mean? Neon Blight is made to be easy to learn but hard to master. Introducing fast and precise combat and simple yet engaging gun store management.
#2d#cyberpunk#gamemaker#management#pixel art#roguelike
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You have a winner on your hands here. keep up the good work
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