Humanless Game

Jun 03.2021

Play as a super skilled combatant, with superhuman speed and agility. Fight against merciless demons, while dashing and jumping to dodge evil traps through carefully designed levels.

Humanless was reviewed by Play Games
The focus of Humanless is on the fun of shooting and platforming. You dont need to save the ammo of your favorite weapon: pull the trigger as much as you wish and have fun watching low resolution demons being shattered to pieces.

Enemies shooting with a real intention to kill and pits of acid waiting to be jumped through will require of you a lot of dexterity. For this reason, Humanless allows you to play both on the joystick or using the keyboard and mouse.

Each level was carefully designed and tested to be unique, fun and challenging yet fair. Checkpoints after each section ensure that your progress will never be lost.

Start in a devastated city, enter questionable military research labs, and attempt to finish your journey going down to the hell itself.

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Screenshots Humanless
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