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Beer and Plunder Game

May 28.2021

Beer and Plunder is a fast paced cooperative game you and your friends have the chance to run your own Viking Pub!

Beer and Plunder was reviewed by Play Games
Beer and Plunder is about running a viking bar - and everything that this entails. Running a pub is difficult alone, luckily you can invite up to three friends to play along with you.

The goal of the game is to make enough gold each shift to keep your pub going. Serve your customers well, and quickly, to keep them paying. But, beware of the tiny thief - he comes out to steal any gold lying unprotected on the ground!

Serve beer, serve food, play, listen to music and keep your customers happy not to destroy your bar!

* A fun party game to play with your friends
* Challenging rounds full of hectic cooperation, laughter and mixed up orders
* Several varying tasks to keep you busy and on your feet
* A unique combination of serving and fighting customers
* Charming characters and a cosy environment full of life
* A management game that brings the players out from behind the counter and instead puts the focus on handling rowdy and impatient customers.

Local and Remote Play

Beer and Plunder is a local co-op game, but it can also be played remotely using Parsec.
Download Parsec here:
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