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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
What is is a download site which offers software and free indie games. Our aim is to help people find the software they need by the simplest way.
I'm a software developer or game developer!
We set as a software or games download platform to help developers publish and promote their projects, so that they can be focused on their development work. The services we provided are totally free for our developers and we promise that it will be free for ever. allows adding software or games by the developers, just create an account.
Can I organize the content?
In the users account, you can view the web browsing history, a list of downloaded files, add pages to your favorite collection, and view or edit comments added to webpages, and you can receive news about software and games.
I can't access my account!
You must access this webpage and enter the email, and in the shortest time you will receive in the email box all your account information.
I found a page that infringes copyright.
What can I do?
Each software page on the website has a report link. A form is opened that sends a message directly to, which will take appropriate action.