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How-To'sSoftwareHere are the best free video editing software to use

Here are the best free video editing software to use

Mar 12.2021Software written by Horia Petrovanu
We have selected the most used video processing software to help you find the best solutions to suit your project.

Whether its promoting your business on social media or promoting your site, a movie easily captures your attention and effectively conveys any message.

However, it is not enough to use a smartphone to make a quality video. After filming, there is a lot of editing work to be done, which requires technical skills, experience and sometimes even a substantial budget.

Here are the best free video editing software to use - screenshot 01

On the other hand, many are unaware that there is free video editing software that is powerful and suitable for all skill levels. Weve selected a few of them to help you find the one that best meets your needs.

Lightworks 2021.2
Lightworks is a computer video editing software that will allow you to make professional quality videos. It is developed by the publisher EditShare. Created over 25 years ago, Lightworks is a recognized software that was used to create feature films in Hollywood. Its simple and ...
Download LightworksDownload Lightworks for MacDownload Lightworks for Linux
Shotcut is a totally free software for creating and managing video with very practical features and allows you to work on your video sequences to get high quality results. Shotcut allows you to edit videos very easily thanks to a clean interface, easy to access, even for beginners and ...
Download ShotcutDownload Shotcut for MacDownload Shotcut for Linux
VSDC Free Video Editor
VSDC Free Video Editor is one of the most complete video editing software available for free. If you haven't used a complex video editor so far, don't worry, as VSDC developers have taken this into consideration and offer you a tutorial on how to understand the software. From how to ...
Download VSDC Free Video Editor
LosslessCut 3.36.0
Have you made a video with a digital camera, a digital video camera or a GoPro, but does your video also contain uninteresting or badly framed parts that you want to delete? LosslessCut will fulfill this desire, you can cut a video to keep only the important part or to split it into ...
Download LosslessCutDownload LosslessCut for MacDownload LosslessCut for Linux
OpenShot 2.5.1
OpenShot free video editor is a Jonathan Thomas masterpiece and it was first developed for Linux users, and has since branched out to other platforms. OpenShot Video Editor is an free an open-source editor with many powerful features. OpenShot Video Editor used FFmpeg tools means its ...
Download OpenShotDownload OpenShot for MacDownload OpenShot for Linux
Blender 2.93.0
Blender is a powerful software for creating 3D images and animations, whose main advantage over other similar tools is completely free. It offers a wide variety of features, such as 3D animations, or even creating video games for the most passionate. The Blender interface is very ...
Download BlenderDownload Blender for MacDownload Blender for Linux
Avidemux 2.7.7201217
Avidemux is a video editing software specially designed to cut, add filters and encode your videos. The software supports popular video formats such as MP4, AVI, MPEG compatible DVD etc. and uses different codecs. Avidemux includes the most popular codecs, including AVC via x264 for ...
Download AvidemuxDownload Avidemux for MacDownload Avidemux for Linux
Kdenlive 20.12.1
Kdenlive is a video editing and editing software adapted for all levels of users, both for beginners and professionals. This software is based on many other open source projects, such as FFmpeg or frei0r and has a number of complex functions that allow you to edit professionally. ...
Download KdenliveDownload Kdenlive for Linux
Movavi Video Suite 202121.2.0
Movavi Video Suite is comprehensive video making software that helps you create professional-looking movies and slideshows on your home computer even if you have no experience. Incorporate music, create text captions, apply visual effects and transitions you can do whatever you want ...
Download Movavi Video Suite
VidCutter 6.0.0
VidCutter is a free and practical quality video editing software that allows you to easily cut videos into sequences and make the videos you want. The VidCutter application is based on the FFmpeg library, which is pre-installed and you can open videos saved in almost all popular ...
Download VidCutterDownload VidCutter for MacDownload VidCutter for Linux