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How-To'sTechnologyBenQ TK810, 4K projector for any home

BenQ TK810, 4K projector for any home

Mar 12.2021Technology written by Iulian Dinita
banner BenQ TK810, 4K projector for any home
BenQ has launched a new projector, the TK810, the first 4K UHD wireless video projector. It is designed to offer very good performance even in brightly lit rooms. BenQ TK810 - 4K UHD wireless projector with 3200 ANSI lumens.

During the holidays, I had the opportunity to test the first projector in my life. So far I have used such gadgets only at work, for corporate presentations.

1. Description

BenQ TK810, for easy and fast access to 4K HDR content, TK810 comes with Aptoide TV, a platform used worldwide through which applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube or Twitch can be run. It has an integrated media player and can play content from USB stick and WI-Fi streaming from iOS, Android, Mac and Chrome browsers.

For movie lovers who want a personalized cinematic experience, the TK810s unique CinemaMaster Video + and CinemaMaster Audio + 2 technologies bring the experience of digital cinemas to the comfort of home, through major improvements in resolution, color and sound.

BenQ TK810, 4K projector for any home - screenshot 01

In short, we have a state-of-the-art projector, which will allow you to play movies from applications already installed (such as Netflix or HBO GO), or those that can be installed on the Aptoide TV platform, and does not run Android or Android TV , so you wont have access to the Playstore, and you wont be able to install apps from other sources.

BenQ TK810, 4K projector for any home - screenshot 02

It also includes Bluetooth connectivity, to be able to play sound and WiFi connectivity, to connect to the internet or to do screen sharing on your phone or laptop. In addition, the remote control is relatively easy to use, even with backlight included!

2. Installation and commissioning

The BenQ TK810 comes in a box, complete with remote control, printed instructions and a power cord. Everything goes fast, I basically added the wireless network from home, I logged in the applications I needed, Netflix, and YouTube ...

3. Experience in use

BenQ TK810 convinced me that the next TV, will be a projector.

I had space that allowed me to watch at a diagonal of almost 3 meters, and in terms of quality, I was not impressed. However, it was not extremely annoying and I was able to watch my favorite movies and series.

The most used application was Netflix. I also watched movies on my phone (Android or iOS) or laptop, but on the wireless stream the image quality was quite poor, but I connected the laptop with an HDMI cable and solved the image quality problem. In my opinion, its not worth buying a video projector to do a screen cast. I prefer to have a browser, and more applications and input for TV, so this model I will not buy this model.

BenQ TK810, 4K projector for any home - screenshot 03

A big minus is related to the HBO GO application. I installed it correctly, as specified in the installation details, but it is not compatible with the gadget and I could not use it. I could log in, I could choose the movie, but I couldnt play. Another problem is that I couldnt turn up the volume on the remote control button. I had to get out of running the movie, go to setups, and work harder. Strange is that I could give it slower if I pressed the + or - button.

4. In conclusion

Thats about all I can tell you about this model, and in conclusion, a positive review:
- play at 4K resolution;
- the dimensions are good for any space;
- is easy to install,
- the remote control has backlight;
- WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The downsides are:
- screen cast plays only at 720p resolution, not 4K;
- HBO GO does not work;
- you cannot set the sound louder from the dedicated button on the remote control;
- The operating system is based on Aptoide TV, but is not compatible with the Google Play Store.