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GCompris for Linux

Feb 26.2020Version: 15.10
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All files are original and not repacked or modified in any way by us.
No installers, download managers or other crappy additions are allowed.
The app has been tested and checked by the team and is safe to be downloaded.
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How to install GCompris for Linux
1. Download the file
2. open the terminal and go to the path where you downloaded the file and run .sh


3. Attention you have to go through the whole list of terms and conditions - up to point 17 - and then you have to be careful that the question follows if you agree with these terms and conditions - implicitly it is NO - and choose YES
4. Unzip the program and find it in the path where you downloaded the initial file
5. continue to the terminal and open the folder

cd foldername/bin

In the bin folder you will find and run the file


It works perfectly - very successful
Download GCompris for Linux 15.10 / 108.97 MB