About Sordum

We were founded in 2004 (Berlin Germany), in that times I was a student in the Technical University of Berlin, I dont know Why but solve the computer problems make me relax (strange !!!).

In 2006 we have registered a domain name ( and started writing articles. when I was in Turkey (July 2009) I have noticed that youtube was banned there, then I have written a little vbs script to change the DNS settings, It was the first version of Dns Jumper, People loved it (except Turkish government) and our domain ( have been banned from Turkey but In these times luckily we started to work together with Bluelife, Improved Dns Jumper and other sordum's software
Windows software
NewSendTo Menu Editor 1.1
The Windows Send to menu is a handy way of sending a file to a specific folder, application, or other item. You can use it to send, copy, ...
FreewareSystem - Registry
NewRunAs Tool
Windows built-in Run-As command allows you to launch a program as a different user account than the one currently active, However, ...
FreewareSystem - Miscellaneous
NewDNS Jumper 2.2
DNS, or domain name system, is the internet protocol that turns human readable website names (such as into machine readable ...
FreewareNetwork - Tools