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RealityRipple Software is intended to be a different type of software company. Instead of charging money for a series of ones and zeroes, I try only to request payment for services provided, and let advertisements and donations cover any remaining expense. I can't say I'm very fond of money, so I try my best to only make as much as I need to get by.

This lets me focus on what's actually important: making computers useful. Computers are an amazing advancement which have entirely taken over almost all of our lives in multiple ways, but they still have a long way to go. RealityRipple Software exists to close the gap between 'useful' and 'usable' by providing utilities designed to simplify everyday tasks and make computers less confusing.
Windows software
Slips7ream 3.1
Slips7ream is designed to update Windows Images or installer ISOs with the latest updates, saving you hours after a new installation. It ...
FreewareSystem - Boot manager
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