About ITinvestigator

A dedicated team of cyber-security experts that consistently delivers timely solutions.

* ITinvestigator features a team of talented cyber security experts with extensive experience in both the technical side of cybersecurity and the social engineering techniques used by criminals.
* Our experience in tracking and infiltrating cyber criminal gangs had led directly to the destruction of many fraudulent plots that could have devastated individuals, banks, government organizations, and many corporations.
* Besides building prototypes showcasing potential cyber criminal abuse for companies like Microsoft and Malwarebytes, we also built the first of its kind software that detects keyloggers and cryptominers that are hidden from traditional antivirus and from experts looking for them manually.
* We also built specialized software that detects computers that have been infected with a zombie like virus that communicates with a botnet. This is the first software that uses a proprietary algorithm that spots these infected machines.
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